About Us

jenté nails

About Us

At Jenté Nails, we strive to create one of a kind, fun designs. Each set is unique, handpainted, and dedicated to be worn by the customer. 

I respectfully acknowledge the fact that not everyone will be my fan and root for my products. What nail art means to me may not resonate to everyone. Not everyone will appreciate my work. My only ambition of my nail shop is to make others feel a bit more beautiful in their everyday life.

I want to replicate the safe environment of a nail salon, one on one conversations, all personalities are welcome. I will try my best to fulfill your design, and if I decline, it is because I know the design is not within my capabilities and I will not be satisfied with the final product.

Every nail set come with your nail set(s) including a bag of the necessary application tools. Our nails are reusable and last up to 2 weeks with proper care. 

To email or contact us please visit our Contact page or directly email us at [email protected]